Reading comprehension - Superstition in Brazil

Reading comprehension - Superstition in Brazil


There is evidence of superstition among ancient civilizations. But this is not something of the past. Superstition is part of our modern world, too. 

Some very old beliefs are present among us today: a broken mirror, for example, means seven years of bad luck. A black cat brings you bad luck when it crosses your way. Some people never walk under a ladder because it also means bad luck. New Yorkers, for example, believe that 13 is a sign......... bad luck and many buildings have........... thirteenth floor.

There is also a place for good luck superstition. Some charms and beliefs are popular because they bring good luck. A horseshoe, for example, or a four-leaf clover are popular good luck charms around the world. In Brazil, it is very difficult .......... find a ticket of the Federal Lottery with a final 13 because this is the lucky number. There is another curious belief in Brazil which states that if you give three kisses on the face of a single girl it will bring marriage. 

Superstition is certainly part of the past, present and future life of man. For some people, it is ignorance; for others, it is an important part of their lives.

Black Cat - Reading comprehension - Superstition in Brazil
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1. (São José SME/2017) Decide if the sentences below are true ( T ) or false (F) according to the text.

( ) A horseshoe and a black cat are good luck signs.
( ) There is less superstition in Brazil than among the ancient civilizations.
( ) Thirteen is a lucky number in the Federal Lottery in Brazil.
( ) There are no floors in the buildings in New York.

Choose the alternative which presents the correct sequence, from top to bottom.

a. ( ) F • F • T • T
b. ( ) T • T • F • F
c. ( ) F • F • T • F
d. ( ) T • F • F • F
e. ( ) F • F • F • T

2. (São José SME/2017) Choose the correct alternative according to the text.
a. ( X ) Some old beliefs are part of our world.
b. ( ) Thirteen is the lucky number for Americans.
c. ( ) A broken mirror can tell you about future events.
d. ( ) A four-leaf clover and a horseshoe bring a
chance to win in the Federal Lottery.
e. ( ) If you are twice kissed on the face, you will marry.

3. (São José SME/2017) Choose the alternative that presents the correct words to complete the missing ones in the text.
a. ( ) off • no • by • to
b. ( ) of • any • in • from
c. ( ) from • any • on • with
d. ( ) to • many • to • by
e. ( X ) of • no • in • to

4. (São José SME/2017) According to the text, what does the number thirteen mean to people from Brazil?
a. ( ) It breaks a mirror of seven years old.
b. ( X ) It means good luck in Lottery games.
c. ( ) It puts and end to horse races.
d. ( ) It decides which floor to stop.
e. ( ) It brings you marriage.

1 C; 2 A; 3 E; 4 B

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