English Exercises for Students

English Exercises for Students

American Universities and Colleges

In general, American universities have four main academic goals: firstly, to establish a permanent relationship..... learning among their students; secondly, to disseminate knowledge through teaching and research; thirdly, to prepare students careers of leadership and service; fourthly, to provide them with useful
research techniques. In sum, all these four objects are consonant with the interests........ the students, who are always assigned an advisor....... department.

A college education in the USA is very expensive. The costs are so high that most families begin to save for a future education when their children are still
babies. Even so, many people cannot afford to pay the expenses of full-time college work. There are actually many expenses such as books, dormitory costs
and laboratory fees. The cost of a college education increases every year. Some of the students have scholarships or money grants, but many do not. How do the rest of the students manage?

There are two obvious answers to the money difficulties of college students. They can borrow money, or they can find jobs and earn it. Many students work in shops, movie houses, and restaurants. They have parttime jobs in the evenings or on weekends. Some plan their schedules so their classes are in blocks of time. For example, if students have all their classes in the morning, they can take afternoon and evening jobs.

Students from other countries have financial problems to overcome, too. Because students in most international programs need to have a sponsor ( a person, organization, or government that pays for them), they frequently work hard to earn scholarships or special loans. International students understand the value of going to school in another country. They also know that this is s difficult task. Many foreign students choose to attend American universities in spite of the difficulty.

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1. (Criciúma/2014/FEPESE) Choose the alternative which presents the correct words that are missing in the text:

a. ( ) by – off – also – of
b. ( ) up – by – at – to
c. ( ) in – at – of – on
d. ( ) to – by – at – in
e. ( ) to – for – of – by

2. (Criciúma/2014/FEPESE) According to the text, read these sentences and  decide if they are true ( T ) or false ( F ).

( ) European students attend foreign universities.
( ) International students also have money problems.
( ) It is very easy to study abroad.
( ) Most international programs need to have a sponsor.
Choose the alternative which presents the correct sequence, from top to botom.

a. ( ) T – T – F – T
b. ( ) T – F – T – T
c. ( ) T – F – F – F
d. ( ) F – T – F – F
e. ( ) F – F – T – F

3. (Criciúma/2014/FEPESE) Analyze the sentences according to structure and grammar use.

  • 1. The words ‘babies’ and ‘difficulties’ are being used in the text as plural nouns and their singular forms are: ‘baby’ and ‘difficulty’.
  • 2. The sentence: “Because students in most international programs need to have a sponsor….” And “Because students in most international programs should have a sponsor….” mean the same.
  • 3. The expression ‘in general’ can be replaced by the adverb ‘generally’ without changing its original meaning.
  • 4. The sentence: “Some of the students have scholarships or money grants...” In the negative form is: Some of the students haven’t scholarships or money grants…

Choose the alternative which presents all the correct sentences.

a. ( ) Only 1 is correct.
b. ( ) Only 4 is correct.
c. ( ) Only 1 and 3 are correct.
d. ( ) Only 1 and 4 are correct.
e. ( ) Only 1, 2 and 4 are correct.

4. (Criciúma/2014/FEPESE) Study these sentences and decide if they are true (T) or false (F):

( ) Actually means ‘atualmente.’
( ) The comparative forms of ‘expensive’, ‘high’
and ‘hard’ are: more expensive, higher, harder.
( ) The words their, them and they are, respectively, possessive adjective and personal pronouns.
( ) The interrogative form of “They also know that this is a difficult task” is: “ Do they also knew that this is a difficult task?.”
( ) “borrow’ means: to receive (something) from somebody temporarily .
Choose the alternative which presents the correct sequence, from top to botom.

a. ( ) T – T – T – T – F
b. ( ) F – T – T – F – T
c. ( ) T – F – T – T – F
d. ( ) F – F – F – F – T
e. ( ) T – F – T – F – T

Answer - English Exercises for Students

1 - E
2 - D
3 - C
4 - B

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